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Someone in a far away land holds a newly acquired MegaVoice solar audio Bible. They press a small button on the navigation keypad and a little green light glows in the darkness. Suddenly the words of Jesus come to life as the person listens to the Gospel in their own language for the first time. Before the week is through, 'the Bible that speaks' will be passed from person to person until the entire village is engaged in listening to Scripture, Bible stories, sermons, discipleship training courses and Christian music.

Today, reaching billions of oral learners with audio Scripture in thousands of languages is a realistic goal. But it wasn't long ago that the outlook for audio distribution was anything but hopeful. For decades, audio-focused-ministries made valiant efforts sending record players, tape decks and cassette tapes to the mission field. Results were good when people heard the Scriptures, but the failure rate of mechanical players was so high it was heartbreaking.

"It was very demoralizing," says Tom Treseder, who was at the time State Director of Bible Society in Australia. "Every machine we sent out was doomed to fail sooner or later. On top of that, using more than a dozen cassettes just for the New Testament proved expensive and unmanageable."

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As countless millions waited to hear the Good News, those unreliable machines became a huge source of concern to Tom. He and a group of fellow Australians launched into prayer, seeking a way forward. Soon afterward he walked into a car dealership and when someone opened a car door, an electronic sounding voice on a memory chip said, "Close the door!" Tom stared in amazement. Yes! This was it - if a car could talk, why not a Bible? Prayers had been answered.

In January 1988, Tom excitedly sketched a vision for a revolutionary new kind of audio Bible, one that would speak using memory chips and be independent of any electrical power source. When he laid aside his pencil, the world's first solar-powered audio Bible was on paper. Tom tells folks, "It was a vision from God - or as Nehemiah said, 'God put it into my heart.'" Now, all that remained was to turn vision into reality. But using memory chips seemed to be a tall order because they could only hold a few seconds of audio, a far cry from the 80 hours required for an entire Bible.

Soon God began to knit together a three-fold cord when Tom met Ken Crowell and Rudolph Geigy. Each partner, together with their supportive wives - Merriel, Margie, and Elizabeth - contributed their own unique gifting. Before long, Tom's original vision to create a speaking Bible became reality, and by the end of 2015, more than 1.3 million were in circulation around the world. Research indicates that every MegaVoice is shared, on average, by ten oral learners; meaning an estimated 13 million people have heard God's Word in their own languages. By God's grace, millions more will be reached this year.

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1600 hours of audio content can be loaded on current MegaVoice audio Bibles, and a new series of players to be released in 2016 will have virtually unlimited hours using interchangeable microSD cards. Navigating all that content is made easy with a special keypad pioneered by MegaVoice. Not having to read an LCD menu makes it easy for oral learners, illiterate, blind and visually impaired to navigate the Bible using fingertip sensitivity rather than sight. And on the MegaVoice, your ministry's content is tamperproof, meaning you can add or edit content but your end user cannot. Maintaining the security of your audio files is a key feature of our audio Bibles.

Thank you Lord for Tom Treseder and his vision to create the world's first solar-powered audio Bible to reach the unreached. Thanks also for Tom's wife, Merriel and the rest of the Treseder family - because of their personal sacrifices, millions of people will continue to hear God's Word and believe.

In closing, I am sure Tom would also like to thank all of you, our ministry partners, for distributing the MegaVoice audio Bibles to thousands of language groups scattered across the globe. Because of your efforts, millions more people will hear God's Word in their own languages for the first time in 2016.

May the Lord bless you richly,

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Charles Cibene
CEO, MegaVoice

Meet the man behind the creation of the MegaVoice, click here for a two minute video.

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