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Newsletter – January 2017

Twenty-nine years ago this month, Bible Society leader Tom Treseder was moved to create a radically new device – a Bible that could speak God’s Word to billions of illiterate and visually impaired people in thousands of languages. God teamed Tom up with Ken Crowell and Rudolph Geigy and before long the world’s first solar audio Bible became a reality. It was christened, MegaVoice.

Today, the solar powered miracle is being used by thousands of ministries to reach millions of people. As you can see in this video, these robust little players are tough as nails and ideal for mission field use. Solar powered, tamperproof audio files, and intuitive navigational keypads are just a few of the features that make MegaVoice audio Bibles so valued by ministries sowing the seed of God’s Word.

May the Lord bless you richly,

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Chares Cibene
CEO, MegaVoice
Envoy E Series – Feature Packed Audio Players
MegaVoice Inside Track Image - Envoy E Series
Thanks to feedback from ministry partners like Wycliffe/SIL Bible translators, MegaVoice just keeps on improving and innovating. Recently we released the Envoy E Series consisting of four new devices hosting an array of features including LED flashlight, FM Radio, variable speed playback, audio player and recorder and microSD cards. Various combinations of these features are distributed among four players making the Envoy E Series the most advanced MegaVoice players to date. Watch instructional videos for each player on our website: Elite  •  Echo  •  Equip  •  Ember
Envoy S Series – New Addition to the Lineup
MegaVoice Inside Track Image - Envoy S Series
Another exciting development for those who present God’s Word through Bible storying is the release of our new and improved Envoy ST (ST for Story Teller). The Envoy ST, shown on the right, replaces the current single button Story Teller. As part of the Envoy S Series, the new Envoy ST uses the intuitive keypad developed by MegaVoice and holds a full 25 hours of audio content. The first players had barely rolled off the production line when our good friends at World Mission and the God’s Story Project began distributing them to oral learners.

We look forward to telling you more about this player in future newsletters.
Ukrainian Orphan's Experience God's Love
MegaVoice Inside Track Image - Envoy EZ Series
Just look at the beaming faces of these Ukrainian children as they are receive Wildlife STORYTELLERS from Slavic Christian Mission. “These orphaned kids live in a warzone,” says ministry worker, Vladymir Yevsukov. “We sang a couple of songs of praise and then presented the little bears, lions and elephants. The kids were so excited when we gave them a MegaVoice to put inside their little animal.”

Please pray with us that these children will be safe and experience God’s love as they hug their plush little animals and listen to His Word on the MegaVoice audio players.

If you have stories about what God is doing through your ministry with MegaVoice solar audio Bibles, please email us at
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