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Newsletter – May 2017
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‘Story Teller of the Year’ Contest 2017

Audio Scripture Ministries (ASM) recently launched ‘The Story Teller of the Year’ contest, engaging kids from West Michigan and around the world to think outside the box about missions. Contestants were asked to write a short essay answering the question: if you could give a Wildlife STORYTELLER to anyone in the world, who would you give it to and why?

After running a few local radio ads and alerting friends, children began responding – essays poured in! Contest winners were given a cash prize, a Wildlife STORYTELLER of their own and a second one to send to a ministry location of their choice.

Naomi Frizzell, Executive Director of ASM, told us, “ASM was excited to receive and read essays for our Story Teller of the Year contest from children in the U.S. and around the world. In talking with our contest winners, we have heard how God has used this effort to encourage them to treasure His Word and has helped them understand the importance of spreading the love of Christ globally.”

Reflecting on the contest and looking ahead Naomi says, “These young people wanted to provide hope and comfort to a child in need through the Wildlife STORYTELLERS. We are praying that God will use these STORYTELLERS in a mighty way. It’s our hope and prayer that creative contests and outreaches like this will help spread a love for God’s Word and the Gospel to the next generation.”

Thank you Naomi and the team at ASM for encouraging a new generation to get involved with the Great Commission. We are inspired by your endeavor.

May the Lord bless you richly,

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Charles Cibene
CEO, MegaVoice
Victoria says, “Be Bold!”
MegaVoice Newsletter Image 1 - Victoria
Victoria was someone who always struggled with fear. In school, on the soccer field and in life – it seemed like fear followed her everywhere. One night her parents spoke courage into Victoria and shared that we can gain a fearless spirit by reading the Bible. Through Scripture verses like Joshua 1:9, God helped Victoria overcome her fears.

She hopes for a girl named Kamila to receive a Wildlife STORYTELLER so she also can hear of God’s love, and how through Him she can overcome her fears, too. “I would like Kamila to learn to be courageous through the power of God’s Word,” says Victoria. “If she is having a bad day or is struggling with fear like I did, she could just snuggle up to her furry little Wildlife friend and listen to her audio Bible. I want her to ‘Be Bold!’ just like God commanded us.”
Hayden says, “Be Blessed!”
MegaVoice Newsletter Image 2 - Hayden
Hayden shares a heartfelt story of wanting to give Wildlife STORYTELLERS to his teacher’s nephews, Jake and Keelan. Both children have struggled with serious medical issues in their lives and yet have remained joyful and resilient in the face of their trials.

Hayden says, “They have gone through a very tough time. They were only a pound at birth and the doctors said that they weren’t going to make it. Every day was led by hope of survival… so they would love to snuggle with these furry friends. Jake has Autism and Keelan is in a wheelchair… This could help them go to sleep when they are thinking about their troubles. It would be another blessing in their life. They have heard the Bible spoken from their parents, but a musical version would be amazing!”
Lydia says, “There is Hope!”
MegaVoice Newsletter Image 3 - Lydia
Lydia wrote her essay with a blind Cambodian child in mind. Though she does not know a child there personally, Lydia exercised her imagination.

She writes, “This blind Cambodian girl needs hope. She needs a Wildlife STORYTELLER to let her know that she is not alone. Maybe she does not know who God is yet, but she constantly wonders if there is someone out there who cares about her; someone who knows her name and calls it out without a rejecting glare or an excluding insult. If this girl gets so much as a hug from a creature she can’t even see, it will let her know that she is in the arms of an everlasting God, and whatever comes tomorrow is in His hands. If this little girl receives a STORYTELLER from a person who is kind enough to stop and listen, it will change her life.”
Jace says, “Love Your Neighbor!”
MegaVoice Newsletter Image 4 - Jace
Jace was one of our most enthusiastic young contest applicants! When asked who he would love to give a Wildlife STORYTELLER to, Jace chose his three year old neighbor Hendrick.

Jace says, “A STORYTELLER is a special designed stuffed animal… I bet he would love snuggling with this soft animal, it’s better than a plain old story. All these stories are from the Bible!”
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