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Newsletter – June 2017

MegaVoice is pleased to announce that SaberCopy, successor to our SLS software, has just been released. Our thanks go to Global Recordings Network (GRN) for partnering with us to make their world-class software available to MegaVoice users and Media Centers.

From mid-2016 until now, we’ve worked closely with GRN’s software development team. The result – a much more powerful tool for loading and managing MegaVoice players. SaberCopy can do everything that SLS can, only better.

Of course you may continue to use SLS, but because we want everyone to experience the benefits of the new software we definitely recommend you make the transition to SaberCopy. We are confident you will be happy with the power this new tool gives you.

Below are some of the new SaberCopy features that SLS does not have, as well as a quick review from Allen Decker. Make sure to check that out before visiting the SaberCopy webpage where you can learn more about SaberCopy, download the program, and register to be notified when updates are available.

May the Lord bless you richly,

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Charles Cibene
CEO, MegaVoice
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SaberCopy is a very dynamic tool with active ongoing support by GRN. Unlike SLS, bugs will be fixed, new features will be added and enhancements will be made to existing features.

Here are a few of the things you can do with SaberCopy that you can't do with SLS:
  • Load multiple players, each with a different message, all at the same time
  • Duplicate the contents of one player to others
  • Load a player by aggregating a new audio message from excerpts of existing messages without having to organize it in a folder first
  • Compare a player's contents to an audio folder on disk
  • Compare two audio folders on disk or even two players
  • Quickly load a batch of players using "Fast Copy Mode" with minimal user intervention
  • Append audio to player(s) without overwriting their current contents
  • Aggregate files from multiple folders (sources) on disk into a new folder (disk-to-disk)
  • Store loading instructions for a message in a compact "project" file for easy reuse
  • Choose from different initialization options when loading players
  • View individual player's contents from within the application
  • Prevent you from loading a player with an audio message that is too large for the player
  • Warn you before initializing players where current contents will be deleted
  • Compare results before and/or after loading, and if there are problems, show you what's different
  • Log messages and what is done for each player individually
  • Show you accurate progress and elapsed time for each player being loaded individually
  • Allow you to preview the resulting folder structure and files before the load takes place
  • Show you technical specs on each player connected
Allen's Review
MegaVoice Newsletter Image 2 - Allen Decker's Review
Allen Decker of Aurora Ministries describes his experience using SaberCopy.

"Loading MegaVoice players with SLS on large projects was daunting for us. When we first tried SaberCopy we fell in love with it immediately! The real-time progress bar allowed us to calculate run-times more accurately and the completion notification lets staff know exactly when a run has completed without having to constantly watch the computer. SaberCopy also provides verification of the data, so we are more confident our projects have loaded properly without losing any files. We now use SaberCopy for all our projects, whether it's a thousand players or just one."
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