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Newsletter – July 2017
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An Unprecedented Partnering Opportunity

Since the rise of ISIS and other warring factions in Syria, an estimated two million Syrians have fled to Lebanon where they now live as refugees. Having experienced the brutalities perpetrated by Jihadists, great numbers of refugees have become totally disillusioned with Islam and are open to hearing the Gospel. An unprecedented opportunity currently exists to reach these precious souls.

A well-respected ministry to refugees, Horizons International, is seeing a great many refugees in Lebanon turning to Christ; a significant number of whom have previously encountered Jesus in a vision or dream and are eagerly seeking more information about Him. What is needed now is God’s Word – but because only a third of Syrian refugees are literate, MegaVoice and a growing number of ministries are partnering to distribute 100,000 solar audio Bibles. By God’s grace, a million refugees could be reached with the Good News in the coming months. By having a solar audio Bible of their own, Christian refugees will be built up in their faith and others will hear about the Lord Jesus for the first time. Please pray for us as we continue looking for more ministry partners and the financial resources needed to carry out this God-given task.

May the Lord bless you richly,

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Charles Cibene
CEO, MegaVoice
Providing God’s Word on Solar Powered Audio Players
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For 30 years, MegaVoice and its ministry partners have been distributing God’s Word in thousands of languages on solar powered audio Bibles. By God’s grace, millions of people have heard the Gospel in their own heart language – and many have found new life in Jesus Christ.

After seeing the amazing results of using MegaVoice players in Lebanon’s tent cities and urban areas, Lebanese Christians ministering to Syrian refugees are urgently requesting 100,000 MegaVoice Wildlife STORYTELLERS. These huggable, stuffed animals come with shockproof audio players inside and require no Internet connection or electricity, making them ideal for refugee camp environments. Player content is easy to navigate – even for children, elderly, blind and visually impaired people.
Faith comes By Hearing
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Even as terrorists circulate among the refugees, threatening and misleading them, Christians minister in the same tent neighborhoods, sharing the love and compassion of Christ. Having a MegaVoice to give to a family allows them to keep hearing God’s Word, even if a Christian witness is forced to leave the area.

No one really knows how long the war in Syria will last. However, when it finally does come to an end, most refugees living in Lebanon will return home, WITH or WITHOUT Jesus. Listening to a MegaVoice now will help many discover Jesus and taking a player back home will make it possible for families to continue growing in their Christian faith.
Reaching One Million People is Possible
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Each Wildlife STORYTELLER, loaded with an audio Arabic Bible plus evangelism and discipleship programming for both children and adults, costs about $40. The 100,00 Wildlife STORYTELLERS will be placed in refugee tents and urban apartments, impacting an estimated ten family members per player – potentially one million refugees! Because of the family sharing factor, the cost to impact one refugee with up to 800 hours of audio Bible content is about U.S. $4.

A network of ministries and churches is standing by to begin distribution. Established ministry partners like Horizons International, Global Hope Network International, Heart for Lebanon and others have the experience and wisdom needed for this assignment from the Lord.

The time to reach these precious souls is now. To explore partnering with us to reach a million Syrian refugees, please email me at
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