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Newsletter – August 2017

In Revelation 7, we are given a glimpse of heaven where a great multitude clothed in white robes stands before the throne of God. So many from every nation, tribe and language are there that it is impossible to count them all. What an amazing scene John describes as the redeemed express their worship to God and the Lamb.

The word in verse 9 that stands out to me is "languages". Every language spoken by mankind is represented in that great multitude before God’s throne, yet many today still wait for a Bible in their mother tongue, and that is where Bible translators come in.

Bible translators are servants of God committed to making Revelation 7:9 a reality. They prayerfully select an untranslated language and then spend their lives producing a Scripture translation that is accurate, clear and speaks to the heart of an entire people group. With so many versions of the Bible available in English, it is difficult for us to imagine that thousands of languages still do not have a single verse of Scripture – but organizations like Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia and SIL are dedicated to changing that reality. Read the stories below to learn more about these two organizations.

May the Lord bless you richly,

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A Word from Wycliffe Australia
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Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia exists to see disciples of Jesus growing through the Scriptures available in the language that speaks to their hearts. Wycliffe sends Australian Christians and supports national organizations involved in the Bible translation movement.

“It is an absolute joy to lead a faith-based volunteer organization like Wycliffe because one gets to appreciate the extravagant generosity of Australian Christians and the Australian Church," says Barry Borneman, CEO Wycliffe Australia. "Without this generosity, Wycliffe simply could not function and make a uniquely Australian contribution to the worldwide Bible translation movement. With it, it is more than just supporting Bible translation, it is an expression of the body of Christ in action."

Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia not only translates God's word, they believe that God communicates with people to create relationship and community. This speaks to the ethos of how Wycliffe serves – not as ‘experts’ going to ‘target groups’, but as friends, and perhaps one day, even family.
Understanding God's Word
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Wycliffe Australia members, Ross and Lyndal Webb, are a husband and wife team serving under SIL in Vanuatu. This beautiful nation is made up of 83 islands stretched out over 500 miles of South Pacific ocean. The Webbs are part of a relatively small in-country team focused on translating the Bible into Vanuatu languages (of which there are 100+), and also helping people learn how to engage with both the printed Bible translations and the audio versions on MegaVoice.

“Part of the challenge is to help people come to the best understanding of the Scripture,” says Ross. “Not only to be able to decipher it, but to tackle it by reading or listening in a way that lets the Bible authors speak their intentions. There is so much blessing to be missed by jumping to the same old conclusions about the same old passages! Our prayer is that many Lewo speakers will wholeheartedly dig into their new Scriptures and encounter the God who loves them.”
Epi Islanders Celebrate their New Testament
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On March 2, 2017, the Lewo language community on Vanuatu’s Epi Island praised God for the arrival of the New Testament in their own language. A glorious dedication ceremony was held in Nikaura, the most central Lewo village, where Australian Bible translators, Ross and Lyndal Webb, have recently joined the translation team, guiding the 35-year project through the final stages to completion.

Building upon the long-term translation efforts made by a New Zealand family and Epi church elders Andrew and the late Kapiapo, Ross and Lyndal work and live among the people they serve. They spend a few months at a time in the village, building relationships and working closely with the Lewo community on a daily basis. The unconditional commitment demonstrated by Ross and Lyndal has won the love and respect of the Lewo people, enabling the project to cross the finish line. “It is hard to overestimate the value of a translation team living and working in the village situation in the Pacific,” says Ross, "and we are merely continuing a fine SIL Bible translation tradition."

The work, however, is ongoing. After the celebrations Ross and Lyndal are committed to staying on longer in the village. They are promoting serious Bible study and encouraging locals to listen to the recorded Scriptures on their MegaVoice solar audio players. The goal, of course, is not just a completed Bible translation but a heart and life transformation from encountering God through his Word.
Vanuatu - A Hub of Translation Activity
MegaVoice Newsletter Image 4 - MegaVoice and Bible Translation in Vanuatu Video
Wycliffe USA members, Greg and Beth Ann Carlson, began working with the North Tanna language community of Vanuatu in 1991, and in 2008 celebrated the publication of the North Tanna New Testament in both print and audio formats. "People were glad for the text version and they absolutely loved the MegaVoice audio players," says Greg. "The Jesus Film in their language was also very popular."

Greg, who is the Director for the SIL Vanuatu Group, has also adapted the North Tanna New Testament into the related Whitesands language in both print and audio formats. "What a joy it is to see people reading and listening to the Word of God in their own language, and to see how it hits home in their hearts and comes alive for people. It is the foundation for transformation."
Support Vanuatu Projects
If you're interested in supporting a Vanuatu project that is translating the Bible into both print and audio formats, please click here.
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