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Newsletter – October 2017
MegaVoice Newsletter Image 1 - Map of India Highlighting Unreached People Groups

This past month I visited India, where hundreds of languages and dialects are spoken by it’s 1.3 billion population. Research indicates that as many as 2,274 people groups, making up about 89% of the population, are still unreached with the Good News. In the map above, from our friends at the Joshua Project, each red dot represents one of the unreached groups. This dramatically illustrates the need for us to keep moving forward in India.

Although I cannot go into details at this time, I can assure you that the Lord is already using our partners there. They're reach hundreds of thousands with God’s life-changing word on our solar audio Bibles. Our team, and partners like WCOI-India, are ministering to physical and spiritual needs as well as distributing God’s word.

We at MegaVoice continue to work with the global Church and our ministry partners to help reduce the number of those red dots. Please pray for the Church in India as well as all those involved in reaching the people of this great land with God’s redeeming love.

May the Lord bless you richly,

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Charles Cibene
CEO, MegaVoice
Smartphone or MegaVoice?
MegaVoice Newsletter Image 2 - 8 Reason Why MegaVoice Is Better Than a Smartphone Video
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In the spring of this year, PEW Research did a survey of global smartphone use and the results shown for typical mission field countries is surprisingly low. In India for example, only 18% of the people say they have one. Even if all those people added Bible audio to their smartphone, more than a billion Indian people would still not have access to God's word on audio.

The robust, solar powered MegaVoice was designed to meet the tough demands of mission field use, including those in India. Please watch the video above which provides 8 reasons why a MegaVoice player is superior to a smartphone when it comes to listening to the Bible. If you have any comments or questions, let me know at
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