He will come to us like rain.

The Himba people wait for the rains that bring hope and life when a stranger with fuzzy arms drives over their horizon.



O mbaka sits in the heart of Namibia, on the edge of the sprawling Etosha National Park. The terrain here is mercurial – brutally hot and barren in the dry months and bursting with life after the rains. When the watering holes are full and the acacia is in bloom, you’ll find zebras, elephants, lions, rhinos, and hyena dotting the plains. After the rains, it is picturesque Africa. On this harshly beautiful soil is where you will find the last semi-nomadic people of Namibia – the Himba.

"The end of the road."  That is how ‘Ombaka’ translates and it is aptly named. To reach Ombaka, you must drive until the pavement disappears into sand and the arid desert begins. Namibia has been suffering through a drought that is now stretching into its fifth year. The Himba are a pastoralist people and so they rely heavily on their livestock for milk, meat, and (occasionally) income. The rains here are vital. It’s on one of these hot, dry days that MegaVoice’s Darrel Templeton and a team of missionaries from Samaritan's Purse appear, little more than a mirage on the horizon.


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