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In rural Alaska, on the brutal tundra, a small radio station staff is delivering hope in the peoples' heart language.
In the words of Palmer Bailey, the Alaskan town of Bethel is not "postcard Alaska." "It is a vast barren tundra. There are no trees. The nearest road is 400 miles away. The only way in and out is by air... On the rare clear day, you can see mountains far off in the distance. But the isolation of Bethel is nothing compared to the isolation of these villages that we’re reaching."

Palmer Bailey, and his wife, Bonnie, run the Christian radio station KYKD, serving Bethel and the broader region. While English is widely spoken, Central Yup’ik is also taught and spoken, with many considering it their heart language. KYKD's broadcast incorporates a mix of the two languages. They have seen evidence over the years that their work with KYKD has changed lives. But God had more planned for them.
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